X-Series Tactical Light

Specially designed weapon mounted light for urban environments...

     As cities and suburbs continue to grow, these urban environments can require specialized illumination equipment to assist or resolve situations. This type of environment contains a diversity of various size structures, ranging from homes, office buildings, warehouses, and more. The X-Series Tactical Light is the first of its kind developed specifically for urban environments. It projects a 55 degree, high power light beam to maximize illumination coverage, while eliminating barrel shadow seen with traditional rail mounted lights for this application. With X-Series, the user can...


 -Significantly cut down on time when clearing or panning through rooms and large areas

 -Obtain a wider and larger field of view and/or peripheral vision for closer engagement

 -Eliminate severe barrel shadowing seen with rail mounted lights with wide light beams

 -Eliminate object shadowing from bouncing light

 -Eliminate optic glare and reticle fade from hot spots

 -Illuminate multiple subjects at close range

 -Cause discomfort and/or disorientation within the 55 degree light beam

 -Select operational modes for light intensity, strobe, and sos


     X-Series is also the first weapon mounted light of its kind that is integrated into the front of a free floating handguard specifically for the AR-15 & M-4 platforms. Designed with 8 high power light emitting diodes (LEDs), the light source forward projects light from all sides, unlike the traditional single rail mounted light. This is how X-Series is able to achieve such unique features for urban environments. Since its creation, X-Series has been used and trusted by law enforcement personnel, and law abiding citizens to give them an edge over the criminal in urban environments.


-8 high power LEDs

-Built in lens and reflectors

-Up to 1020 lumen output

-55 degree wide light beam

-Up to 80 meters of beam throw

-Extreme heat tolerance up to 400*F

-Remains free floating from barrel

-Waterproof up 3 meters

-Shock proof & impact resistant

-Milled from T-6061 Aluminum

-Durable construction for abuse

-Inner Dia: 0.936 inch / Outer Dia: 1.812

X-Series Tactical Light



-Ergonomic design for grip comfort

-Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 / Pica-tinny Rails

-Aluminum encased in synthetic polymer

-Heat resistant materials

-Waterproof up to 3 meters

-Resistant to impacts & shock

-Battery type: "AAA" lithium

-Run time of up to 1.5 hours

-Rear mounted remote pressure pad

-Pressure pad cable length: 7 Inches

-5 operation mode toggling

-Modes ( 10%, 40%, 100%, strobe, SOS )

-Total weight with light source: 4.5 oz.

-Size: (2 3/4" L) X (1 5/16" W) X (1 1/4" H)