X-Series AR-15 Tactical Light

Superior illumination for those closer range situations!

Packed with a total of 8 high power LEDs, our extraordinary weapon mounted light offers superior illumination for those closer range situations. Developed for the AR-15, our light is designed to provide dominating light intensity that can illuminate extremely wide areas up to 75 yards.


Why is it different than other lights?

Instead of other lights that rely on bouncing light combined with minimal peripheral illumination, ours provides a high intensity light beam that is evenly spread out over a wide area. This can significantly reduce time scanning large areas, along with the elimination of shadowing effects and optic glare for those closer range environments.


How does it mount?

It's configured to surround the barrel of an AR-15 when in combination with select free floating handguards. It simply attaches to the front of the handguard with the provided set screws, keeping the light source free floating from the barrel.

What about barrel heat?

Since our light does NOT make contact with the barrel, heat is no more of an issue than it would be with any other light. Our light goes even further than one would expect with the incorporation of only heat resistant materials. These materials allow the light source to be exposed to temperatures up to 400 degrees F for extended periods; it's even fire resistant!

How does it operate?

The light source comes with an attached power pack. Containing a removable battery cartridge, the power pack allows access through a removable rear mounted push button switch. This switch is an on/off operation only, but it can be replaced with a remote mountable pressure switch, when available.


-8 high power LEDs

-Built in lens and reflectors

-1000 lumen output

-60 degree wide illumination

-75 yds. beam throw

-High heat resistant materials

-Remains free floating from barrel

-Waterproof & submersible

-Shock proof & impact resistant

-Milled from T-6061 Aluminum

-Durable & rugged construction for abuse

-Inner Dia: 0.936 inch / Outer Dia: 1.812


-Ergonomic design for grip comfort

-Mounts securely to MIL-STD-1913 / Pica-tinny Rails

-Aluminum encased in synthetic polymer

-High heat resistant materials

-Waterproof & submersible

-Resistant to impacts & shock

-Battery type: "AAA" rechargeable

-Run time of 3 hours

-Rear mounted operation switch

-Battery access through rear mounted switch

-Total weight with light source: 3.2 oz.

-Size: (2 3/4" L) X (1 5/16" W) X (1 1/4" H)

X-Series AR-15 Tactical Light

Price: $169.99


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