Understanding X-Series...

X-Series mounts securely in to the front of select free floating hand guards. These select handguards accept 4 "set screws" to secure the light in to the front of the hand guard. Compatible hand guards come already pre-drilled for the use of these set screws. The location of the light source provides unique features that can greatly increase light coverage for home defense and close quarter situations. Easily illuminate rooms and large areas instantly, instead of panning and sweeping a narrow beamed light.


X-Series is like no other...

This X-Series light source comes with 8 high power LEDs, each containing its own built-in lens and reflector. It punches up to 1000 lumens out over 60 degrees, with a throw of up to 75 yards yards!  It emits light from all sides of the rifle, still remain free floating from the barrel. Maximize your light output for home defense and CQB!

Check out the specifications listed below:




-8 high power LEDs

-Built in lens and reflectors

-1000 lumen output

-60 degree wide illumination

-75 yds. beam throw

-High heat resistant materials

-Remains free floating from barrel

-Waterproof & submersible

-Shock proof & impact resistant

-Milled from T-6061 Aluminum

-Durable & rugged construction for abuse

-Inner Dia: 0.936 inch / Outer Dia: 1.812


-Ergonomic design for grip comfort

-Mounts securely to MIL-STD-1913 / Pica-tinny Rails

-Aluminum encased in synthetic polymer

-High heat resistant materials

-Waterproof & submersible

-Resistant to impacts & shock

-Battery type: "AAA" rechargeable

-Run time of 3 hours

-Rear mounted operation switch

-Battery access through rear mounted switch

-Total weight with light source: 3.2 oz.

-Size: (2 3/4" L) X (1 5/16" W) X (1 1/4" H)


Price: $129.99

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