Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana, we produce several proprietary weapon light systems primarily used on rifles.

Our first product X-Series, drew a great deal of attention from many big names within the firearms industry such as the NRA. It also attracted media coverage from "The Firearm Blog" and several other media publications. X-Series was a very interesting new concept that provided new and unique features other rifle mounted tactical lights could not produce. As we advanced in our tech over the last year, we developed our Powered Grip System to advance X-Series to the next level, and provide new, never before seen options for users.


Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality and superior reliability.  We are so confident in our products that we back them a warranty.

Why Choose Merklight:

There may be many reasons why you will buy a weapon mounted light or accessories.  When you buy Merklight products, you can rest easy by knowing that we have your back with:

*The highest quality materials & craftsmanship

*Vigorous product testing and simulated battle testing

*Product reviewed by National Rifle Association (NRA)

*"Product Technical Support" for product questions

*Super friendly & knowledgeable

*And much more!

Contact Us:

Phone: 1-317-750-9625

Mon - Fri / 9:00am to 5:00pm


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