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X-Series Light ( For AR-15 Platforms )

Designed for those closer range situations, you won't find another light quite like this one! The X-Series provides a high power, 60 degree light beam to disorient and discomfort anyone down range of it, while significantly enhancing and expanding the users field of view. Its unique design also eliminates barrel shadowing that is seen with traditional rail mounted lights that offer a wide light beam for closer range situations. Other traditional lights with a more narrow light beam focus on bouncing light with minimal peripheral illumination in this situation. Our X-Series Light is the best alternative for those closer range situations!


RDL-M125 ( Rapid Deployment Light )

This little light is potentially a game changer in the industry! Developed as a rapid deployment light, the RDL-M125 can be mounted in just seconds and removed just as fast! It's also combined with significant weight and size reductions, potentially making it the lightest and smallest weapon mounted light on the market. With the RDL-M125 Light, it's never been easier to rapidly add and remove a light when you need it. Even if you already have a mounted light, owning our rapid deployment light as a backup will help keep you ready for anything.


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